Tsorbatzoglou: “There is pressure to win the Cup – Looking for a right-footed stopper”


For the situation in PAOK ahead of the Cup final with AEKthe competitive data as Razvan Lucescu thinks about them and the search for a right-footed stopper, spoke Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou to News Bulletin 247.

The reporter of the “black and white” initially said that PAOK is in a very difficult position for the final with AEK and it is expected to be a stressful game, as its ticket Europa League it changes a lot of things and can make the summer much better for the team.

On the question of the doubters, he said that on Sunday we will see their situation NasbergEl Kaduri and Oliveira, with the former having a good chance of reaching the final, the Moroccan being at 50-50 and the Portuguese less so.

Regarding the persons who will make up the eleven, he emphasized that the situation is clear for him Lucescuas Koulierakis has the lead instead of Nasberg, o Tailor looks more dominant for a right back, in the area of ​​the midfield o Babysitter is higher than Schwab and in front of the KonstanteliasZivkovic, Tyson and Thomas don’t… change.

Finally, he added that Kargas will be, barring a shocking contingency, a thing of the past from PAOK and the people of the “bicephalic of the North” are in search of a right-footed stopper ahead of the summer.

Source: Sport Fm

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