Larentzakis: “We showed that we are a real team and that each one believes in the other”


Statements after the great victory over Monaco and the qualification of Olympiakos to the final of this year’s Euroleague were made by Giannoulis Larentzakisstating that the “red and whites” started the match nervously, but the crowd helped them calm down.

He then emphasized that he and his teammates showed character, showing that they are a real team, with players who believe in each other!

In detail what the Olympiakos guard said:

“We started the match nervously. As much experience as we have from the previous Final 4, we had a nervousness. The world helped calm us down to not have that nervousness. Let the shots come in, let the shots come in. From the beginning of the third quarter we set the tone for the defense we want, we gave the energy we want and proved that we can turn the match around”.

“People have given us a lot of help, they are here to support us again. Let’s have the same pulse and the same intensity there.”

“We showed character, we showed that we are a real team and we believe in each other. We went in a bit underwhelmed, but then experience came into play. The coach was very calm and spoke to us at half-time and helped a lot”.

Source: Sport Fm

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