Epic upset of Leipzig in Munich against Bayern, gives… the title to Dortmund!


Self-destructive Bayern Munich, is going to gift the title to Borussia Dortmund!

Despite the fact that the Bavarians took the lead in the 25th minute with Miller and had other good moments for even more goals, however, in the second half they suffered an unprecedented slump, with Leipzig to punish them and leave with great double (1-3) from “Allianz Arena”!

A defeat that puts Bayern in a very difficult position regarding conquest of the title, as well, may have remained at the top with 68 degreesHowever Dormundwho plays tomorrow with Augsburgfollows with 67 points!

And all this, one matchday before the Bundesliga final!

Amazing pace in the first half, where the Bayern Munich threatened for the first time in the 18th minute with Miller. Seven minutes later, the Bavarians circulated the ball very quickly, with Müller passing to Gnabri and the German winger to catch one one piece power shot, with the ball first finding the left post and then ending up in Blaswich’s net for 1-0!

Bayern Munich-Leipzig 1-2

In the 29th minute, his shot Musiala narrowly missed the visitors’ crossbar, with Leipzig taking the “baton” and threatening with Somboslai, Enkuku and Danny Olmo within three minutes (34′-36′)!

What followed in the second half no fan of the two teams could imagine! As time passed, Leipzig revved up with Bayern trying in vain to manage the score in her favorwithout looking with energy and appetite for the second goal with which he would close the match.

Something that Thomas Tuchel’s team finally… paid for 65th minute, with the “bulls” leaving exemplary in the surprise with four players (!) and the Leimer from the height of the large area to perform for 1-1!


Clearly shell-shocked by the turn of the match, Bayern made one mistake after another. In 76′, o Pavar committed a penalty offence, with Enkuku to “execute” Sommer from the eleven steps for 2-1! In 86′, it was his turn Mazrawi to take a silly penalty by stopping the ball with his hand, with Somboslai to form the final score (1-3) from the white bullet, at the moment when hundreds of Bavarian fans were leaving the stands!

The program of the 33rd matchday

Friday (19/05)

Freiburg-Wolfsburg 2-0

(71′ Ginder, 75′ Petersen)

Saturday (20/05)

Hoffenheim-Union Berlin 4-2

(22′ Bebu, 36’/90′ Kramaric, 09+9′ Dabour – 45+4′ Doeki, 90+5′ Laidouni)

Hertha Berlin-Bochum 1-1

(63′ Tussard – 94′ Sloterbeck)

Schalke-Eintracht Frankfurt 2-2

(1′ Teronte, 85′ Polter – 21′ Kamanda, 59′ Tuta)

Werder Bremen-Cologne 1-1

(73′ Schmidt – 36′ Tiges)

Bayern Munich-Leipzig 1-3

(25′ Gnabry – 65′ Leimer, 76′ Enkoukou pen., 86′ Szobolai pen.)

Sunday (21/05)

Mainz-Stuttgart (16:30)

Augsburg-Dortmund (18:30)

Leverkusen-Gladbach (20:30)

The schedule of the next (34th) matchday

Saturday (27/05)

Dortmund-Mainz (16:30)

Leipzig-Salke (16:30)

Union Berlin-Werder Bremen (16:30)

Cologne-Bayern Munich (16:30)

Gladbach-Augsburg (16:30)

Eintracht Frankfurt-Freiburg (16:30)

Wolfsburg-Hertha Berlin (16:30)

Bochum-Leverkusen (16:30)

Stuttgart-Hoffenheim (16:30)

Source: Sport Fm

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