Dissolved the sad Barcelona and Monaco climbed to its first podium!


She closed in the best possible way Monaco!

The French team with an excellent performance defeated 78-66 Barcelona in the minor final of the Euroleague, finishing third in the top European competition in its first Final Four!

The Monegasques showed from the first minutes that they were much more motivated than the disappointed “Blaugrana”, they dominated the pitch and eventually reached a very easy victory. The incredible thing about the case is that Barcelona lost with exactly the same score, as in the semi-final against Real!

Top of the winners was Mathieu Strazel with 14 points, while Okobo and Alpha Diallo had 10 each. Mike James hardly competed, maybe because of his… feud with Sasha Obradovic.

From a side Barcelonawho closed another Final Four in a disappointing way, 15 points had o Nikola Mirotic.

The match

The two teams started the match balanced and with three points from Dialo and Abrines the score was 5-5. THE John Brown made it 8-5, but o Satoransky responded with a three-pointer to make it 8-8, before Lloyd scored 5 consecutive points to give Monaco the biggest lead of the game (15-10). The difference went up to +9 with Donda Hall (19-10), before o Abrines makes a three-pointer for 19-13. The first period ended with a score of 24-13 thanks to a late basket by Moneke.

With the start of the second period, Monaco got away with +13 thanks to Moneke and Hall (28-15), with Veseli scoring four straight points to cut the deficit to 30-21. The French again escaped with +13, with protagonists at this point Chima Moneke and Eli Okobo (34-21), before Diallo brought them to +17 (40-23) for the first time. THE Barcelona seemed to be on a different ballpark, with Strazel and Diallo making it 44-26. The half ended with a score of 44-28.

The “blaugrana” entered the second half much more dynamically and with Satoransky and Mirotic quickly reduced to 10 (48-38). The French went to +13 again with Okobo (52-39), but the Mirotic he made another three-pointer and cut the difference to 10 again (52-42). However, the Monegasques did not worry about their protagonists Blossomgame and Diallo increased the difference again to 17 (60-43). The third period ended at 60-45.

In the fourth period, a nail of his Hall sent the difference back to +17 (64-47), while a little later Strazel increased it for the first time to 19 (68-49). Monaco also led by 21 (72-51), with Barcelona to have no reaction and throw in a “white towel”. THE Kuric with a 3-pointer it was reduced to 74-58, while Mirotic made shots for 74-60. However, there was essentially no hope of a comeback, with the Blaugrana knowing defeat by a score

The ten minutes: 24-13, 44-28, 60-45, 78-66

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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