Opinion – PVC: Tite has more convictions than contradictions


Tite’s first call-up in the year of the World Cup exposes the knot that the national team coach needs to untie, between players he deems indispensable and others that day by day screams that they need to play: Vinicius Junior and Paquetá.

Tite was quick to notice Paquetá’s growth and made him his great joker. He wasn’t as quick with Vinicius Junior, but it’s fair to say that Brazilian critics were also slow to believe that the Real Madrid striker would so quickly achieve the prominence he did.

Tite’s mistake was not having him called up for the November matches against Colombia and Argentina. The correction was made in time by Firmino’s cut. Everyone remembers that Vinicius was not in the initial call-up, in November. Few people say he was a starter against Argentina.

More than that, Vinicius Junior’s name was on all the 2021 lists.

The counterpoint is in Coutinho and Daniel Alves. A contradiction is sought in the coach of the selection. Easier to see conviction. He just can’t die hugging them both, but tries to the last drop to count on both, capable of making the transition experience-youth.

From a theoretical point of view, it would be great to have Daniel on the right-back, because no full-back played what he showed in the 2019 Copa America. Turns out, that was three years ago!

The doubt, whether Daniel will be able to repeat his highest level, could provoke the resignation of the test. Tite does not resign. Bet.

If it doesn’t work out, Danilo and Emerson will go to Qatar.

Coutinho is different, because he hasn’t played at a high level since 2018. He was champion of the 2020 Champions League for Bayern, playing in every match, five as a starter, six coming off the bench. Oops… Look at the analyst’s contradiction… How has Coutinho not played at a high level since 2018 if he played all the matches of a Champions League he won!?

If Tite is right and Coutinho goes to the Cup, he won’t need to start. He can help, as he did at Bayern.

Tite has more convictions than contradictions.

Every coach has theirs. In April 2002, Barcelona warned the CBF that Rivaldo was in no physical condition to play in the World Cup. Ronaldo did not enter the field for Internazionale. Felipão hit his chest, took Romário and included the two injured. Won the Cup.

You cannot predict the future by looking at the past.

In the press conference he gave after the call-up, Tite included Brazil on the highest shelf of candidates for the title. All that was needed was to say that he is going to the Cup as an underdog.

The day of the scare was October 7, 2021, when the national team sweated blood to beat Venezuela, on a comeback, in Caracas, on a day when France and Belgium taught offensive football. But Tite’s analysis is exactly in the direction of a time when ten teams can win or lose against each other.

​Italy was the European champion in July and lost the direct spot for the World Cup to Switzerland. Portugal was defeated at home by Serbia. Brazil is one of the ten teams capable of bringing the cup at the end of the year. As well as France, England, Spain, Belgium, Argentina and Germany. Italy and Portugal will enter this not-so-selected group if they advance from the repechage.

Holland can even win, but the bet is on the mess, with three coaches in the last four years.

Doing the right things does not guarantee success. But the selection has a way, even removing Renan Lodi for not having taken the vaccine.

If Tite doesn’t do everything right until the World Cup, at least he does things that we would like to see in Brasilia.


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