Destruction on and off the field for Juventus: After -10, they were dragged away by Empoli!


THE Juventus he had 23 years to lose in “Kastro Kastelani” and this time he suffered it in a… painful way. After learning of the deduction of 10 points due to the “plusvalenze” scandal almost half an hour before half-time, then – obviously disappointed – the “Bianconeri” slipped away with 4-1 from Embolization and the foursome is lost (at -5 with two matches remaining).

At the same time, his excellent team Paolo Zanetti reached 42 points, now unbeaten in four consecutive matches, while this result also mathematically gave the Lazio the ticket for his groups Champions League.

The competitive part also started badly for her Juventuswhile the Embolization opened the scoring early and specifically in the 18th minute when he won a penalty. THE Coat executed accurately from the white bullet, however the home team did not stop there and in the 21st minute they doubled their goals with Luperti.

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THE Bremer in the 24th minute he had a great chance to reduce for the Old Lady, but failed to send the ball into the net from an advantageous position. In the continuation of the match his team Maximiliano Allegri he was looking for the goal, threatening the opponent’s goal, but he didn’t find it.

The two teams went to the dressing room with a significant lead of Emoli (2-0), with the Juventus coach at the beginning of the second half putting his… weapons (Chiesa, Paredes) in the bass game and changing the image of his team but also then him Di Maria and the Ken.

Emboli did not stop to… shock Juventus, with Coat to strike again in the 48th minute, scoring a very beautiful goal with a lob, after a nice turn Akpro. The Old Lady couldn’t believe what was happening to her and was obviously psychologically affected by deducting points, playing with… anxiety and nervousness. The guests then tried to threaten mainly from set pieces, but without any result.

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Just before the final, specifically in the 85th minute, o Chiesa with a shot from inside the area reduced to 3-1, after his assist Rabio. The Bianconeri continued to threaten and look for another goal, but they saw him Picoli in the 4th minute of stoppage time to score his second goal of the season and put the icing on the cake, setting up the final 4-1. With the guests leaving “Kastro Kastelani” with bowed heads for the first time since 1999!

Serie A standings at the moment:

The 36th matchday:

Friday (19/05)

Sassuolo-Monza 1-2

(45’+6′ pen. Berardi – 60′ Tsuria, 90’+3′ Pesina)

Saturday (20/05)

Cremonese-Bologna 1-5

(90’+1′ Ciofani – 14′ Aranutovic, 27′ Ferguson, 45’+1′ Poss, 62′ Orsolini, 80′ Sansone)

Atalanta-Verona 3-1

(22′ Zapacosta, 54′ Pasalic, 62′ Hoylund – 11′ Lazovic)

Milan-Sampdoria 5-1

(9′ Leao, 23′, 29′ pen., 68′ Giroud, 63′ Diath – 20′ Quagliarella)

Sunday (21/05)

Lecce-Spezia 0-0

Torino-Fiorentina 1-1

(66′ Sanabria – 48′ Jovic)

Napoli-Inter 3-1

(67′ Angisa, 85′ Di Lorenzo, 90’+5′ Gaetano – 82′ Lukaku)

Udinese-Lazio 0-1

(61′ Pen. Immobile)

Monday (22/05)

Rome-Salernitana 2-2

(48′ El Saraoui, 83′ Matic – 12′ Candreva, 54′ Dia)

Empoli-Juventus 4-1

(18′, 48′ Caputo, 21′ Luperti, 90+4′ Piccoli – 85′ Chiesa)

The next (37th) matchday:

Friday (26/05)

Salernitana-Udinese (19:30)

Sampdoria-Sassuolo (21:45)

Saturday (27/05)

Spezia-Torino (16:00)

Fiorentina-Roma (19:00)

Inter-Atalanta (21:45)

Sunday (28/05)

Verona-Emboli (13:30)

Bologna-Napoli (16:00)

Monza-Lecce (16:00)

Lazio-Cremonese (19:00)

Juventus-Milan (21:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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