Panathinaikos-Peristeri bwin: The series returns to OAKA for a crucial third match


Action continues unabated at Basketball League.

THE Panathinaikos hosts it Pigeon bwin in OAKA (23/5, 19:15), in the third match of the series between them for the semi-finals of the domestic championship.

The series is tied at 1-1, after two… diametrically opposite games. In the first match, the “greens” had a “party” at home and destroyed it Pigeon bwin with a score of 101-57, sending a message that they would not give Vassilis Spanoulis’ team the right to be competitive.

Nevertheless, the Peristerians had a reaction, as they showed a completely different face in the Closed “Andreas Papandreou”. Peristeri bwin won the second match 73-58, showing a domineering image on the floor and seriously troubling his team Christou Serelis.

A lot will be decided by the third game, with Panathinaikos remaining favorites due to the home, but also the team of Vassilis Spanoulis having… ignorance of danger. The two teams will line up full on the floor, so we expect a very nice game for the Basket League.

In summary, the numbers of their games in the Championship…

First National Team (From 1963-64): Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 57-16

Basketball League (Since 1992-93): Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 46-10

Playoff totals: Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 15-5

In its 28 appearances in the semi-finals of the Basket League playoffs, Panathinaikos scored…

*26 winning streaks.

*2 lost series (in 1994 3-2 by PAOK, in 2002 2-0 by Olympiacos).

*72 wins.

*20 losses.

Peristeri bwin, for its part, in its four previous appearances in the semi-finals, scored…

*Four losing streaks.

*One victory (in 2003 over Panathinaikos).

*Nine losses.

Source: Sport Fm

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