18 of the 32 teams in the groups of the next Champions League are now known


This year may not be quite over yet Champions Leaguehowever, there is already an image for the group stage of the next season!

You see, the Newcastle became the 18th team to secure the ticket for the new year, with another eight expected to do so soon – and with a further six tickets given away through qualifiers.

So far, apart from Eddie Howe’s team, they are also certain from England Manchester City, Arsenalwhile three teams have secured the ticket to Spain as well (Barcelona, ​​Atletico & Real Madrid).

Something similar is also true in Germany Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Leipzigwhile in Italy the Napoli and Lazio they are sure.

In Portugal, Benfica and Porto have secured the stars, such as the Paris Saint Germain in France but also the Feyenoord, Celtic, Salzburg and Red Star.

In addition to the shocking prospect, the stars will also include Manchester United and Sociedad, while InterAC Milan, Atalanta, Roma and Juventus are fighting for the two remaining Serie A tickets – with the Nerazzurri getting a second chance through this year’s final and the Giallorossi through the Europa League.

In France, Lance is embracing the big comeback, while in Germany one of the Union Berlin & Freiburg will make its debut in the institution.

It is reminded that the groups can also be found Sevillewhich has reached the Europa final.

The 18 sure teams:

Manchester City




Atletico MADRID

Real Madrid


Bayern Munich






Paris Saint Germain




Red Star

Source: Sport Fm

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