In the ICU of the Hippocrates Hospital of Thessaloniki, the 8-year-old who saw his father murders his mother and then to commit suicide himself, in Stratoniki, Halkidiki.

The child underwent a difficult surgery, as he has serious injuries.

Shocked the director of the Pediatric Surgery Clinicof the hospital, Georgios Tsikopoulos, unable to believe what had happened, said that the little boy was found in his mother’s arms and that he has injuries on his arm, specifically on his right forearm, where skin and muscle are missing, while he also has a cross section of the ulna nerve. He still has shrapnel in various parts of his body, such as in his sinuses and abdomen.

As Mr. Tsikopoulos pointed out, the immediate intervention of the NHS was crucial, while doctors from other hospitals were recruited, such as a plastic surgeon from Papanikolaou and psychologists to help it deal with the tragic event.

The child is under close observation by the treating doctors and his health is not in danger.

In the meantime, the forensic examination will be completed today bodies of the 39-year-old and his 36-year-old perpetrator.