Athanasiou: “Panathinaikos cannot afford to let Bernard go – Zeka is Ivan’s child”


In the data available to Zeke and which completely cover Ivan Jovanovic Nikos Athanasiou appeared on the “air” of News Bulletin 247, on the occasion of the looming return of the former to the Panathinaikos.

The first transfer will be outside Zeka’s shocking prospect, but his return is not part of the squad’s reinforcements for the new season. He will take a position at Panathinaikos as soon as he finishes his career. From there, it is up to the coach to decide how much he will use him. He seems to be Jovanovic’s soccer kid even though they’ve never worked together. He brings tension on the field, runs, marks. If he is healthy he will be able to offer a lot“, he said, among other things.

Commenting on Kourbelis’s statements, the station’s reporter emphasized that he liked how he did not stick his tail out being the leader of the “clover” and referred to developments for its renewal within the next few days.

At the same time, Athanasiou pointed out that Panathinaikos should add aggression to the attribute levelwith players who make things happen on the pitch, especially the two backs, even with one action of theirs.

Speaking about Bernard, he noted that the “greens” they can’t afford to let Bernard go to leave at this moment, explaining the reasons.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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