Nikolakopoulos: “Both AEK and Fiorentina face Olympiakos today”

Nikolakopoulos: “Both AEK and Fiorentina face Olympiakos today”

The latest news of Olympiakou regarding Antonio Cordon’s contacts for the next coach, O Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247.

Specifically, the team’s reporter commented that tonight is a difficult night for the people of Piraeusbecause they will have to watch and deal with a final that they are not participating in, the one for the Greek Novibet Cup.

It’s known that in case of victory of AEK, Olympiacos will play in the Europa League and emphasized that if the game goes well, then the “red and whites” will then have their mind on the corresponding Inter-Fiorentina final for the Italian Cup.

They want a “viola” victory there, why? in such an eventuality and in the event that the Italian team win the Conference against West Ham, then the representative of Greece in the Europa League, will not play qualifiers and go directly to the playoffs of the second tier competition (in mid-August). This essentially means that even if eliminated in the Europa League playoffs, the team will continue in the Conference groups.

Finally he reminded that if the final in Volos does not go well for Olympiakosthen he will probably be forced to start the qualifiers from the end of July, and he will have to play until the end of August, i.e. 6 consecutive Thursdays, to reach the Conference groups.

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