The results and scores of the ASEP 2G2022 major competition have been announced, according to an ASEP announcement

The Central Competition Committee (K.E.D.) announces the issuance and registration on the website of the A.S.E.P. of the Scoreboards of the written examination of the University and Technological Education candidates who took part in the pan-Hellenic written competition (Invitation / Notice 2C/2022 – F.E.K. 75/21.11.2022/t. A.S.E.P.) , according to article 8 of Law 4765/2021 (STAGE I).

The issuance of the above Rating Tables is subject to the exceptions of par. 3e’ of article 27 of Law 5043/2023 “Regulation of recruitment and service changes during the pre-election period – Amendment of Article 28 of Law 2190/1994”.

Candidates who have obtained the required base score (55 points for each subject/test), appear by category and branch or specialty in the Scoreboards, according to the information declared in their application. It is noted that the percentage of successful candidates in the competition amounted to 19.3% out of a total of 77,073 candidates who attended at least one course.

Candidates who did not obtain the required base score appear with the Candidate Registration Number, which is indicated on their online application form.

All candidates can be informed about their score, through the ASEP website, after previously entering its online services with their login details, following the path: → Online Services → Results → Written-Grades.

Objecting to the grade, as well as re-examination or re-grading of the papers, is not allowed.

In order for the successful candidates of STAGE 1 to be able to apply for the announcements of STAGE 2, they must have correctly declared, in accordance with Call/Announcement 2C/2022, the standard qualifications (degrees and/or additional qualifications) per code position. It is noted that at this stage ASEP has not correlated the position codes with the declared qualifications.