Marca: “That’s why no steps were whistled before Yule’s basket”

Marca: “That’s why no steps were whistled before Yule’s basket”

Madrid has been in a celebratory mood since Sunday (21/5), since the Real dramatically defeated him Olympic 79-78 in the final and won the Euroleague.

Pivotal in this development was Sergio Yulewho made the game-winning field goal with 3.1 seconds left to set up the final score.

Nevertheless, from various “nearby” videos released, it becomes clear that at the beginning of the phase the Yule he committed a step violation as he swung both legs before starting his attempt.

THE Marcaa newspaper known for its relations with Real Madridgave her own interpretation of why the foul wasn’t called, which would likely give the title to Olympic.

“The referees could blow the whistle, but they would never do it at this stage, in the last game of the EuroLeague. Why; Because they stood on the criterion of advantage and disadvantage. Yule did not take advantage of this move and Papanikolaou was not at a disadvantage. As stated in Article 47.3 of the FIBA ​​regulations, referees shall not stop play unnecessarily for contact or infringement that is accidental and does not give the athlete an advantage or disadvantage against his opponent. specifically writes the editor of the Marca text.

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