Iapikino stood out, Stamatonikolos reached the limit for European U23 at the Almata Meeting of Kallithea


Larisa Iapikino was the protagonist of the Almata Meeting of Kallithea that was held on Wednesday afternoon at “Grigoris Lambrakis”. The European indoor long champion in Istanbul last March made her season debut with a jump of 6.83, bettering her outdoor record.

The daughter of the great Fiona May also had jumps of 6.69, 6.68, 6.72 and 6.68. Second was the “bronze” in the Istanbul event, Hadi Sania. The Swedish champion had a best effort of 6.61. Romania’s Alina Rotaru-Cottman was third with 6.51.

Nikos Stamatonikolos with a jump of 7.71 in the corresponding men’s event “caught” the participation limit in the European Championship K23, taking fifth place. The athlete of Panagiotis Baltadouros showed from the beginning that he is in good shape, since in the second jump he scored 7.43 and in the third 7.54, while he continued with 7.41 and 7.54, while he scored 7.71 in the sixth effort.

Thus, the 20-year-old also improved his individual record, which was 7.62 from last year’s U20 World Championships in Cali.

India’s Murali Sreesankar was the event winner with 8.18, while compatriot Aldrin Johnson was 7.85 and Australia’s Jalen Ruckett was third with 7.80.

Last year’s winner, Tori Franklin, won again this year in the women’s triple jump with a jump of 14.13. Giorgos Pomaski’s athlete had another valid jump at 14.11. Oksana Koreneva had a jump of 13.71, bettering her individual record.

The trio closed with Diana Zagainova with 13.66. Vasiliki Valeri was seventh with 12.65 and Melina Zaraga eighth, also with 12.65.

In the women’s height, Panagiota Dosi for the second time in a few days exceeded 1.84, while she lost 1.88. Second with the same height was Banka Slamming and third was the athlete of the K18 category, Nicoleta Michailidou, with 1.75.

Eleni Pollak was victorious in the pole vault with a jump of 4.30 on her third attempt. Manolis Karagianni’s athlete then raised the bar to 4.50, but failed to complete any of her three attempts.

Turkala Demet Parlak was second with 4.15 and Alina-Amalia Florou-Dimitriadou third with 4.05. Nicole Kyriakopoulou started her race at 4.15, but failed all three attempts.

In the men’s height, Fabian Derlind was the winner with 2.18, a height that was also surpassed by Antonis Merlos. Andreas Mita was third with 2.15.

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