Guardiola borrows ideas from De Gerbi: “I had seen the ball played by Sassuolo…”


When one hears the expression “influential coach”the mind probably immediately goes to Pep Guardiola and the development he has brought to football as coach of Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and of course Manchester City.

But the Catalan knows that there are others who have the background to change the sport and it seems that he has found one of them in his person Roberto De Gerbi!

The Italian technician created a terrible one Brighton taking over from Graham Potter last September and made history by guiding them to their first European exit, with the Europa League secured after recent 1-1 with Manchester City.

before the match Pep had dripped honey for De Gerbyciting characteristics: “Back up what I’m about to say, I’m sure I’m right when I say Roberto is one of the most influential coaches of the last 20 years. No team can play like Brighton, they are unique. I try to learn from her, she is unique like a… Michelin restaurant.

They create 20-25 chances in every match, they monopolize the ball, everyone participates. The goalkeeper is like a midfielder.”

As Athletic pointed out, the Catalan coach has at times… been accused of deifying coaches that he then defeats, however in this case Guardiola is probably right.

After all, he has already shown to… borrows data from the Brighton manager’s way of playing. A related publication refers to the habit acquired by Ruben Diaz to… step on the ball before he starts building his team’s offense, just like Lewis Dunk does.

In fact, the conversation goes even further back to raising the backs in the center, as was the case in Shakhtar Donetsk under the instructions of De Jerby. “I had seen the ball he was playing at Sassuolo, I said ‘oh my God'” Guardiola’s words about it, with the two having known each other for several years. The Italian was at Bayern’s pre-season friendly in 2013 when he was making his first steps in Serie D, and he would be sitting at the same table with him in the future – with Pep’s assistant Enzo Maresca a childhood friend of the Brighton boss. .

Source: Sport Fm

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