This went well: The scouts’ report on Jokic who didn’t see him staying in the NBA!


In 2014 the Nuggets they made the decision in the… exhalation to choose him Nikola Jokic in the second round of the draft, at number “41».

Many were those who they did not believe that “The Joker” would be a long time in the NBA and may even have been influenced by scouting reports at the time.

However, at 28, the Serbian center has already emerged back-to-back MVPs (2021, 2022) in the “magical world” and this year he led the Denver team to the first Finals in their history!

The veteran coach George Carlwith a very long tenure on the bench in the best league in the world, released what the scouts’ reports said at the time Jokic declared his participation in the draft:

A mediocre athlete who lacks speed and a good jump. Logically, he will have a hard time facing NBA athletes. Despite his young age, it doesn’t show because he has a great lack of explosiveness».

So, this is what the NBA scouts saw from the then 19-year-old Nikola Jokic, with the Serb solemnly denying them and now even entering the discussion about if we are talking about one of the top centers in the history of basketball

Source: Sport Fm

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