AEK: “He’s upset” with the refereeing and complains of a violent attack by Olympiakos fans!


With serious complaints, AEK left Ilioupoli, where the Olympic prevailed 27-25 and tied at 2-2 in the Handball Premier finals series.

Complaints concerning both arbitration and “violent attack by fans of the opposing team» that they complain that they received.

See the relevant reference in the match report of the “yellow and black” (where they stand in a comparative phase, among other things):

In fact, with the score at 26-25 and while there was 1′ left for the final, the referees awarded a penalty for Papadionisiou’s contact with Karabourniotis.

Of course, this was not the only decision of the two referees that was wrong, as in many of their decisions the referees judged wrongly, not assigning clear fouls in favor of the “Union”, at the same time creating conditions of surprise for the opposing team, culminating in two eye-to-eye penalty on Madalinics and Iliopoulos in the second half.

The whole of AEK is “boiling” with the refereeing that it faced at Klisto of Ilioupoli, which for 60′ was “playing” home, showing for the umpteenth time in the season and for the umpteenth time against the particular opponent’s hostile face.

For one more time, at the same time, the AEK team witnessed a violent attack by the fans of the opposing team. At the final horn, dozens of bottles were thrown at our team players, causing serious irritation to everyone».

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