El Kaduri: “I lived great moments at PAOK – You didn’t see Omar of Italy”


He spoke about his six-year presence at PAOK Omar El Kaduri.

The Moroccan winger mentioned that he lived great moments in the “black and white”, while he also talked about the many injuries he had in recent years, saying that “in Greece you didn’t see Omar of Italy”.

His statements on Metropolis FM in detail:

“It’s a bit strange not only for me but also for my family when after 6 years in a team I’m looking for the next stage of my career. It’s officially not over. I haven’t spoken to anyone, in football you never know what’s going to happen. I will definitely talk to the coach, even if I leave we will have a discussion. The conversation could not be held now, the conditions are not suitable, the defeat in the final is still fresh”.

On the successive injuries and his statement that they never saw the real El Kaduri at PAOK: “It is a fact, there is no doubt about it. When I reached my best level something always happened. But I never gave up, I always tried to reach the same level. I know what I can offer and they certainly didn’t see Italy’s El Kaduri. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. But you have to accept that football also has difficult conditions. These injuries created difficult times for me, I had to overcome them and come back.”

On what was the most difficult moment and if he felt insecure about the injuries: “The hard times were when I was going back to the level I knew and then something would happen. It’s not just the injury but that afterwards you make a double effort to reach your level. And when it happens again it’s hard to handle. I had a lot of help from my family and the PAOK staff who treated me very well all these years to overcome the problems. In Italy I was constantly on the pitch. From one point on I was training and the mind was there, lest something happen to me again”.

For the comments that he is sitting on his contract: “I read a lot of comments. I also went to a clinic in Italy during the summer and worked on my injury. I had a small injury at the beginning of the season, I got over it and then I was on the field for several months. After the World Cup, I had a crack in my leg with Panaitolikos, which really hit me psychologically. I worked a lot, I tried and then I had the tightness in the game with Volos which kept me out for 10 days. My goal is to stay healthy because I know my level, I’ll be able to pull it off and that’s more important. If I’m healthy, I can give a lot of things.”

For the final with AEK: “When the red came we were full of confidence. We had chances in the first half, AEK did almost nothing but scored the goal with an unlucky moment of ours. In the second half we were not the ones we should have been, we saw AEK play with confidence as champions, they were motivated for the double, they have experienced players and they won it. We should have done more.”

If PAOK paid for the lack of easy goals this year: “It is valid in a sense. We have also played games where we scored a lot of goals. I can’t say we had difficulties but for me everything is spiritual. We created chances, we had to be more efficient. We all defend and we all attack. It allowed us to be better.”

If PAOK can become competitive again for the Championship: “I believe in the team, it has a lot of quality. It is a transition period with players new to the Greek league and players playing for the first year professionally. Surely they have seen their mistakes and know what they are doing in the new season. If they work as a team they can do many things.”

On his relationship with the coaches: “Like I said, I know what I can do. I work hard every day, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I had a good relationship with all the coaches. But Lucescu and I worked together for 4 years, we had good and bad times, we had our disagreements, we won titles. And with Garcia and Ferreira I got a lot of things. I am happy to have had these coaches at PAOK”.

His message to the world: “I want to say that PAOK is a chapter that I did not regret, I lived great moments. I also want to say thank you to those who were upset with my injuries. My children are Greek, they are PAOK fans, they speak Greek and they don’t want us to leave Greece.”

Source: Sport Fm

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