Sampdoria and Sassuolo tied in the historic “goodbye” of Quagliarella!


Epic start to the match, but the finale will remain in the mind!

The Sampdoria and Sassuolo were indifferent in terms of points (with the former relegated last and the latter in 13th place), with the final 2-2 for the penultimate matchday of Serie A not to create special feelings for either of them. Instead, everyone bowed in the 88th minute, when the huge one went off the pitch Fabio Quagliarella. The 40-year-old legend made his final appearance in front of the Genoa crowd as he retires at the end of the season after a great career which has included 555 appearances (182 goals / 53 assists) in Serie A and 29 appearances (8 goals) with the Italian national team.

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A game that started in… outrageous fashion, that is three goals until 11′. THE Gabiandini he was the one who opened the scoring, when in the 8th minute he took advantage of Ferrari’s mistake, stealing the ball from him and coolly scoring for 1-0. However, the visitors responded immediately and impressively with a reversal within three minutes, with his one-piece Berardi (9′) and his header Mateus Enrique (11′).

The two teams continued to have chances, with his team Mario Oikonomou – who played as a starter and was substituted in the 68th minute – to equalize in the 78th minute thanks to own goal of Ehrlich.

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The program of the 37th matchday:

Friday (26/5)

Sampdoria-Sassuolo 2-2

(8′ Gabiandini, 78′ auto Erlich – 8′ Berardi, 11′ Mateus Enrique)

Saturday (27/05)

Salernitana-Udinese (16:00)

Spezia-Torino (16:00)

Fiorentina-Roma (19:00)

Inter-Atalanta (21:45)

Sunday (28/5)

Verona-Emboli (13:30)

Bologna-Napoli (16:00)

Monza-Lecce (16:00)

Lazio-Cremonese (19:00)

Juventus-Milan (21:45)

The program of the 38th and last matchday (all matches at 16:00):











Source: Sport Fm

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