“LeBron is not retiring, he will play normally next year!”


His statements went off like a bomb earlier in the week LeBron James.

The “king” appeared very disappointed after their exclusion Lakers from the Nuggets with a sweep, and left open the possibility of retiring from active action, pointing out that he does not know what will happen next season.

However, the prevailing rumor now is that LeBron is not yet ready to leave basketball. Specifically, Mr Dave McMenamin, a well-known ESPN journalist, cited sources close to the player and emphasized that the “king” intends to honor his contract with the Lakers in the next season as well. We remind you that the great forward signed a two-year contract worth 97 million dollars with the LA team last summer.

According to McMenamin, a source told him earlier this week that James’ controversial statements came in “Tough moment” for the 38-year-old after the bitter loss to Denver. McMenamin also noted that James meant what he said Monday, despite the fact that he will likely return eventually.

“Certainly, I think on Monday night, it was a very true statement that he made, he was thinking about leaving at the time. But it looks like we’ll see him back on the Lakers next year.”he added.

Source: Sport Fm

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