Ferrari apologized to Leclerc


Another disappointing Grand Prix was his Monaco for Charles Leclerc.

Her pilot Ferrari he received a three-place penalty due to a miscommunication with his chief engineer, started sixth on the grid, and due to new strategic mistakes did not claim the podium and ended up staying where he started.

The head of Ferrari, Fred Wassermade statements through which he essentially apologized to Monegasque, for the mistakes made that led to this disappointing result.

“In Monaco in recent years he has been quite disappointed and this year qualifying was difficult for him. It was difficult at first as he missed out on pole position by a tenth of a second and was off the grid by very few thousandths of a second. Then he accepted the punishment.

I can’t do anything other than apologize to him on behalf of the whole team. We need to understand how to do a better job and work on better communication between the pit wall and Charles. There are of course the circumstances, such as where the incident took place in Q3. It happened inside the tunnel. We must avoid making excuses because that is the worst way to improve someone”Wasser specifically stated.

Source: Sport Fm

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