Nikologiannis: “Decision for two key midfielders – What about Ganea and left back”


About the transfer priorities of Panathinaikos and the decision to upgrade the quality of the midfield by acquiring two midfielders, the Tasos Nikologiannis on bwinSPORT FM. He also mentioned the improvement in his condition Ghana and the chances of acquiring a left back.

Initially, Nikologiannis said: “Panathinaikos has done preparatory work in the part of the midfield. He was always looking at players for those positions. The two main midfielders are a key priority, one at 10 and one player at 8 and 6, two positions played by Kourbelis. Players who will upgrade the midfield with creation and goals. Third priority is the position of the stopper. The team will definitely get a central defender, from the moment Poungouras also leaves.”

For the wing backs and Ganea: “Always in the plan is the upgrade to the right back position. As for the left, Ganea’s tests showed it to be better, but we will have to wait as it is a delicate issue. Panathinaikos will have to make a decision on this matter. Ganea is out for six months and a left-back is likely to be acquired. It’s a decision that will be made later, in the summer.”

Source: Sport Fm

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