Pro Reko put a “stop” on Vouliagmeni’s dream!


The dream for her was extinguished Drowning!

The Greek team gave everything, but the obstacle of the mighty Before Reco proved insurmountable, resulting in a 12-8 defeat and elimination from the Champions League final. The Italians will compete against the Novi Beograd the third consecutive and 11th overall cup, while for NOB there is also the short final with Barcelonetaon Saturday (3/6, 8pm)!

Vouliagmeni was great in the first half, reaching 2-4, giving the Italians a hard time. The “disaster” came in the third eight minutes, when Reko scored five unanswered goals and basically “cleaned up” the victory. He made a great appearance for the winners Etsenike with 3 goals. A commendable effort by him Papasifakiswho put 2, and the Nikolaidiswho scored once and won two penalties.

The match

THE Drowning entered strongly, making two saves and taking the lead with a powerful shot by Kalogeropoulos for 1-0. Nicolaidis won a penalty which was well executed by Babis Troulosgoing 2-0 for NOV, with Zalanki to exploit the player above and reduce to 2-1. The Genovese got a second goal in the over, with Hallock leveling at 2-2, but Papasifakis he responded with an amazing diagonal shot for 3-2 in the first eight minutes.

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With the start of the second period, Nikolaidis won a penalty again and Papasifakis slotted it in for 4-2, with Vouliagmeni making impressive saves and keeping Reko down. The Italian team remained effective in the above and reduced to 4-3 with the Etsenikeby Woodhead to answer in the same way for 5-3. Fondelli caught the NOV defense napping and easily reduced it to 5-4, while Etsenike a little later he equalized at 5-5 in the above.

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In the third eight minutes, h Reco took the lead for the first time with Fontelli scoring 5-6, and Junger converted a penalty for the Italians’ 5-7. Kanela caught the clock and raised the score to 5-8, putting a “tombstone” on the dreams of the Greek team, with Hallock a little later to write 5-9. THE Cinnamon with a goal that initially did not count but was upheld via VAR, he wrote the final 5-10 of the third eight minutes.

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In the fourth period, Alafrakkis with a boyish shot he quickly reduced it to 6-10, scoring after the hour for Vouliagmeni. The Italian answer came immediately, with Etsenike to score a third personal goal for 6-11 and Di Fulvio to score a very easy goal for 6-12. THE Nikolaidis scored his first personal goal, the best in the match, for 7-12, while the 19-year-old Almyras reduced to 8-12.

The evolution of the score: 1-0 Kalogeropoulos (region), 2-0 Troulos (penalty), 2-1 Zalanki (point), 2-2 Hallok (point), 3-2 Papasifakis (region), 4-2 Papasifakis (penalty), 4-3 Etsenike (point), 5-3 Woodhead (point), 5-4 Fondelli (against), 5-5 Etsenike (district), 5-6 Fontelli (point .), 5-7 Younger (penalty), 5-8 Canela (f.p.), 5-9 Hallock (fouler), 5-10 Di Fulvio (f.p.), 6-10 Alafragkis (foul), 6-11 Etsenike (region), 6-12 Di Fulvio (fundarist), 7-12 Nikolaidis (fundarist), 8-12 Almyras (region).

THE Drowning he had 1/8 with a player over, 2/2 penalties, 3 goals from the perimeter, 1 from the penalty spot and 1 from a shootout.

THE Before Reco he had 6/12 with a player over, 1/1 penalty, 2 goals from the perimeter, 2 from the penalty spot and 1 on the counter.

The eight minutes: 3-2, 5-5, 5-10, 8-12

Drowned: Tjortzatos, Chalivopoulos, Almyras 1, Kalogeropoulos 1, Troulos 1, Nikolaidis 1, Papasifakis 2, Woodhead 1, Alafragis 1, Kapotsis, Kourouvanis, Farmer, Andreadis

Pro Reco: Del Lungo, Di Fulvio 1, Zalanki 1, Canela 2, Junger 1, Fontelli 2, Presiuti, Etzenike 3, Ivovic, Grata, Lonzar, Hallock 2, Negri

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