Jordi Alba says goodbye to Barcelona: “It’s definitely not goodbye, but we’ll see you later”


After yesterday’s goodbye to Sergio Busquetsthe Barcelona today (01/06) says goodbye to another legend, the Jordi Alba!

The 34-year-old says his own goodbye to the Catalan club, as well as his teammates. Alba leaves her Barcelona after 11 whole years and visibly moved, he says goodbye to the team of his heart.

“First of all I want to thank the fans. I said it right after the match and I’ll say it again: you gave me the most exciting moments of my career. Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it better.

I was at Barca when I was young, then I went to Corneglia and those were two great years. Valencia signed me. But when I left Barca, I believed in myself. I thought I could reach the 1st division, but I never imagined it would reach the level of Barcelona. This is definitely not goodbye, but we’ll see you later”

For Busquets he said: “Busquets is a bigger legend than me. Earn more. The only way I pass him is in goals (laughs)”.

For Lionel Messi: “My connection with Messi? I always tried to give him the ball because I knew he was going to score. I didn’t care if he had defenders around him. I knew he was going to score.”

Source: Sport Fm

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