Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos can find something better with Sarlia’s money – It doesn’t apply to Haziza”


The possibility of acquiring a central defender better than Zvonimir Sarliaafter the same money he was asking for the Croatian stopper and make one mighty trio has now o Panathinaikosas he commented on his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

Nothing changes after the departure of Sarlias, Panathinaikos would go for a potential main stopper, now they will get another central defender. In Panathinaikos they believe that, with the money Sarlia was asking for, they can find an even better football player. There has been no conversation with Pougouras, because what I have understood is that he wants to play. Acquiring two midfielders and a stopper remain the priorities for the summer, just now another player will come. During the summer other positions will be filled such as right back, left is open because of Gane. Of course, Lodingin was the first transfer last year, there are some cases where it may not be a priority but it will go well and be closed. The presence of Yannis Papadimitriou helps a lot, the goal is to have some players come by the time the team leaves for preparation but above all for Ivan Jovanovic to have solutions for the first matches in the qualifiers“, he emphasized, among other things.

While the reporter of the station noted that the “clover” keeps secret about the transfers but data does not apply to the name of Khaziza of Maccabi Haifasince he already has six wingers on his roster.

Nikologiannis expressed the opinion that Panathinaikos should acquire another player for 6-8, but he does not see any movement.

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Source: Sport Fm

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