Petridis: “The zone is not among Serelis’ priorities – Paris Lee’s stay is possible”


In his good presence this year Paris Lee by Panathinaikosthe data on his stay, but also on the possibility of using a zone against Olympiakos, stood on the “air” of News Bulletin 247 o George Petridis.

The “trefoil” reporter emphasized that the 28-year-old who suffered a sprain during the series with Pigeon bwinhe played well in Game 5 and there is no question of his presence in the first final with the “red and whites”.

In fact, when asked about the possibility of Lee staying next season, he said that he does not rule it out, as he is one of the players who has a positive impact, has been used a lot and is a team player, just like Pony.

For the possibility o Christos Serelis to use a zone to limit Olympiakos’ assets, he said is not in the main priorities of the Greek coach, although Panathinaikos had previously used it under the instructions of Dimitris Priftis.

Finally, for the Game 2 turnout at OAKAemphasized that the image in the first final will play a role and since the “green” players have a competitive face, the fans of Panathinaikos will support with their presence.

Listen to the audio clip:

Source: Sport Fm

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