Tsitsipas: “I faced a problem with the schedule in the last few days, Alkarath played well”

Tsitsipas: “I faced a problem with the schedule in the last few days, Alkarath played well”

Stefanos Tsitsipas emphasized that Carlos Alcarath was good against him, but not exceptional, he spoke about the forced use of melatonin that affected him, as once against Novak Djokovic, he considers his defeat fair, after he literally slept in the first two sets and analyzed the semi-final “Nole”-Alkarath.

In detail: “Alkarath played very well, but not exceptionally. One thing I will avoid in the future is melatonin pills and sleep before matches because it clearly doesn’t help.”

And he explained: “The schedule was difficult in the last few days. I played late at night. Not too late, but enough to mess up my schedule in a way. Sleep is very important and recovery is the most important thing when playing slams.

I made the mistake in the past when I played Novak in Bercy a year ago, I had exactly the same score as in the first two sets. I guess melatonin likes 1 and 2.”

When asked how he felt, he didn’t go into detail: “I don’t want to take anything away from Carlos, the kid is playing well. He deserves to win, let’s not talk about it. I’m pissed off that he had that influence on me, let’s move on.”

Speaking about the start of the match, he emphasized: “It wasn’t fun in the first two sets. I was completely off, asleep in a sense. I hope it doesn’t happen again, it’s bad.”

Finally, he was asked to comment on the Alcarat-Djokovic semi-final: “One has experience, the other has legs and moves like Speedy Gonzalez, that’s it. One can land big hits, the other prefers control and precision to apply pressure and make the opponent move as much as possible.

I’m not good at predictions so I stay away. We’ll see, may the best win.”

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