Affair denies Anitta about sex life stopped for almost a year: ‘Needing medicine for memory’


It seems that the busy schedule of appointments has left Anitta, 30, a little forgetful of some events outside her professional side. Recently, the singer revealed in an interview that she had stopped her sex life for a while. Almost a year. But the funk singer didn’t expect to be denied by the model and actor Lucca Picon, pointed out as a recent affair.

“‘Let’s take a medicine for memory, because the situation is ugly”, commented Lucca in the report on Anitta’s controversial statement to the podcast Quem Pod, Pode, three weeks ago.

“I didn’t pick up anyone for almost 10 months. I even kissed, but I stayed two months without [nada]. I had nothing more to do with anyone for almost a year. And I was loving it”, declared Anitta about “spiritual cleansing” at the time of the interview with Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank’s channel.

Lucca deleted the publication, but it was too late and many fans and celebrity websites ended up recovering the post. Rumors between Anitta and Lucca started in December last year, after the actor and model was seen attending several of the singer’s shows. He was photographed making videos of the performance of the interpreter of the hit “Envolver”. The duo even spent New Year’s Eve 2022 together.

In a color photo, a woman in yellow overalls sings on top of a trio and is accompanied by a man dressed all in black

Anitta and Lucca Picon on top of an electric trio – AgNews /Victor Chapetta

In a color photo, Anitta's affair message post

In a color photo, Anitta's affair message post

Post by Lucca Picon denying Anitta – Playback/Instagram

Source: Folha

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