Reorganization of the EFOEPA Board of Directors


In its announcement, EFOEPA mentions, among other things, that at its meeting the Board of Directors decided to assign the position of 2nd vice-president to Vassiliki Erinaki, the chairmanship of the Technical Committee to the president of EFOEPA, Kostas Papageorgiou, and the presidency of the Local Committee of Northern Greece to its member, Christos Tassios.

Analytically: “The Board of Directors of our Federation, at the meeting No. 44 /5-6-2023, following the resignation of three regular members and their replacement by those legally elected in the elections of the Regular General Assembly E.F.O.E.P.A of March 26, 2021 substitute members, was reconstituted in a body as follows:

Konstantinos Papageorgiou: President

Evangelos Terpos: First Vice-President

Vasiliki Erinaki: 2nd Vice-President

Ioannis Kordoutis: General Secretary

Polyxeni Stathis: Special Secretary

Xanthi Kioufi : Treasurer

Panagiotis Tzovolos : Member

Vlasios Georgiou: Member

Christos Tasios: Member

Nikolaos Filippakopoulos: Member

Ioannis Panzios: Member

Georgios Vrettakos : Member

Panagiotis Gionis : Athlete member

The members who resigned are Sokratis Papasavoglou, Maria Moirou and Georgios Lygouras.

The alternate members who filled the vacant positions are: Ioannis Pantzios, Giorgos Vrettakos and Vasiliki Erinaki.

At the same meeting, the Board of Directors decided and assigned to Vasiliki Erinaki the position of Second Vice-President, to the President, Konstantinos Papageorgiou, to the presidency of the Technical Committee and to the member, Christos Tassios, to the presidency of the Local Committee of Northern Greece”.

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