The German arms industry Rheinmetall is preparing armored combat vehicles (AACs) to be delivered to Ukraine and yesterday Tuesday announced that it had received an order for twenty more Marders from the German Ministry of Defense.

They will be delivered to Kyiv by the end of July, the industry said.

Forty such vehicles have already been delivered, twenty from Rheinmetall, an equal number from the stocks of the Bundeswehr, the German army. The industry offers another 60, but they will first have to be renovated and re-equipped.

Marders, the TOMAs of the German army since the 1970s, are gradually being replaced by the more modern Puma type. Rheinmetall is preparing decommissioned such vehicles so that they can be used on the front line in Ukraine.

The same company produces the Leopard heavy tanks, dozens of which are now on the battlefield.

At the end of July, moreover, the first batch of 10,000 35mm ammunition for the Gepards, armored vehicles equipped with twin anti-aircraft guns and radar, is expected to be delivered. Rheinmetall has received an order for the supply of 300,000 rounds of ammunition.