Nikolakopoulos: “While waiting for the coach, Olympiacos is looking for a striker”


The matter of the coachwhich remains open to Olympicanalyzed the Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247.

It is clear that they are not ready for Olympiacos, so neither are we. By the end of the week we will probably have something and by the next week it will probably be finished. They think about it, think about it again and look for the best possible solution“, the team reporter initially reported.

You never know how a coach will adapt, no matter how good he is. Martins came in with a not-so-great resume and stayed with the team for four years, the most of any manager“, he added.

And he concluded by saying:Certainly Cordon is preparing the ground in the transfers for the next coach, since the needs are obvious in Olympiakos, like Bakabu, all the midfielders are gone and only Huang remains, but it is clear what the team needs for the next season. The coach, for his part, will choose some faces, although he will also have his alternatives from the research he has done. Besides, Olympiacos has been looking for a center forward since yesterday morning, since Bakabou contacted and apologized to Marinakis for the delay in his reply».

Source: Sport Fm

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