THE explosion to ammonia pipeline in Ukraine risks having a “negative consequence” for the future of the grains deal, it warns Kremlin.

“It can only have negative consequences,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Ammonia is a key factor in fertilizer production.

The reopening of this pipeline, which was interrupted in February 2022, is requested by Russia in the context of negotiations to extend the validity of the grain agreement that has allowed the export of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain.

The agreement was signed in July 2022 between Russia, Turkey, the UN and Ukraine. Since then, the agreement has been renewed several times, most recently in May – for a period of two months – after intensive negotiations, with Moscow demanding that the other part of the agreement concerning its own grain and fertilizer exports be respected.

Peskov said today that the explosion at the ammonia pipeline linking the Russian city of Tolyatti to the port of Odesa, which Moscow attributed to “Ukrainian sabotage”, would further complicate negotiations to extend the agreement.

Kiev blames the blast on Russian forces.