Huang: “I want to stay at Olympiakos – To have a better image”


Huang spoke to media from his hometown about his presence at Olympiakos this year. Among other things, he emphasized that he wants to stay in the Greek team and that he would like to show an even better image in the new season.

In detail what he said:

About his contract with Olympiakos:

“I don’t think it would be polite to say that I want to leave Olympiakos. I would like to continue in the team. However, if I get a chance in another bigger league, I’m ready for anything. However, if I am not given such an opportunity, I would like to show an even better image in the new season. I feel like I’ve grown up over the past year”

For the past season:

“Last season, I played with Olympiakos and with my National team, my most games in a year. It was very important to me that there were no injuries. As a footballer, I have developed in game management but also in other aspects.”

“Whether you want to stay in the team you are in or get a transfer, all you care about is playing football at a high level. As was the case at the World Cup in Qatar, there is no need to… panic.

It asks me to climb very high, excessively I would say (laughs). In the friendlies we played in March, many goals were scored and I thought that was fun”

Source: Sport Fm

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