“Pineda should be at Telta on 3/7, the final decision will depend on the new coach”


To Orbelin Pineda and in the prospect of continuing his career in Want to refer to Spain.

Specifically, the well-known twitter account “Kery! News” emphasizes that the Mexican midfielder must give the “present” to the Galician team on July 3rd (possibly, of course, during that period he continues with the representative group of his country in the Gold Cup), since they see him as a footballer who can offer, while he insists that the final decision depends on the new coach (in a report of the day, Iraola , which is also on the list at Olympiakos, is presented as the big target). Finally, reference is also made to the price set by Thelta, which is above six six euro.

Developments, of course, that directly concern AEK in its attempt to keep the 27-year-old ace in its ranks after the end of his loan.

Orbelin Pineda is due to appear at Celta on July 3rd. They see him as a player who can deliver, but the final decision will depend on the new manager. Telta wants to take advantage of the appreciation of his value and listen to offers that exceed six million“, it is characteristically noted.

Source: Sport Fm

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