The enigmatic post of Apostolos Tsitsipas: “It was not a journey made without sacrifices”!


A very beautiful and at the same time enigmatic post was shared on the social media of Stefanos Tsitsipas by his father, Apostle.

Among other things, he refers to how difficult it is to be a coach of a high-level athlete, while towards the end of his words he becomes enigmatic, writing how “it was not a journey made without sacrifice.”

What Apostolos Tsitsipas wrote in detail:

“As I sit and reflect on the incredible journey I have embarked on with my son, Stefanos, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and nostalgia. Our story is a story of dreams, dedication and the pursuit of greatness. Coaching at a high level in tennis has taught me invaluable lessons about adversity, commitment and the inner workings of the human spirit.

When I first took on the role of Stefanos’ coach, I knew it would be a difficult endeavor. I realized that coaching is not just about improving his technique or making him physically stronger. It was also about cultivating his character, instilling values ​​and guiding him through the ups and downs of this beautiful, yet demanding sport.

From the beginning I wanted Stefanos to embrace the philosophy that greatness is not an overnight achievement. It is the culmination of countless hours of hard work, persistence and commitment to improvement. I wanted him to understand that setbacks and failures were not obstacles, but opportunities for growth and reflection.

I often found myself sharing stories of my own struggles and triumphs on the field, reminding Stefanos that even the greatest champions had faced adversity. I wanted him to understand that his dreams were possible if he had the courage to fight for them. I wanted him to challenge his limits and get out of his comfort zone.

Humility is our foundation. True greatness extends beyond trophies. It’s about the impact you make on the lives of others. I coached Stefanos to stay grounded, respect opponents and embrace gratitude for opportunities. Our goal was to inspire others, ignite their passion and encourage the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

But it was not a journey made without sacrifice. It required an unwavering commitment, both from Stefanos and myself. We sacrificed personal time, we did countless hours of training and we also had moments of rest. We traveled the world together, experiencing the ups and downs of this competitive tour. And in those moments, I was not only Stefanos’ coach, but also his father, a person of his trust, an unwavering source of support.

Let our story serve as a beacon of inspiration!”

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The post was shared by Stefanos Tsitsipas (@stefanostsitsipas98)

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