Tickets for the “red and white” fiesta at SEF


KAE Olympiacos announced that tickets are now on sale for the back-to-back championship victory party scheduled for Saturday (6/17, 9:15 p.m.).

Prices range from 5 to 25 euros and all proceeds will go to the Amateur divisions.

The announcement of the OEM:

K.A.E. OLYMPIAKOS announces that the distribution of tickets for the 2022/2023 BASKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD, which will be held on Saturday 06/17/2023 at 21:15, will take place as follows:

Through the INTERNET from AND from from the morning of Friday 16/06/2023.

Through the call center at 210 8938007 from Friday 16/06/2023 at 10:00.

From the publishers of S.E.F. on Friday 16/06/2023 from 10:00 – 18:00, Saturday 17/06/2023 from 10:00 until the start of the event.

Ticket prices are 5, 10, 25 euros.

Season tickets are valid.

No AMATEUR OLYMPIC fan card required

CIVIL DISABILITY (only people with mobility problems)

For the AWARD OF THE 2023/2023 BASKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP on 17/06/2023, please contact us by Friday 16/06/2023 at 18:00 on the email [email protected] or on the phones 2104527600/2104527474 for the reservation of a disabled seat and for wheelchairs and wheelchairs, where information will be given and for the entry procedure.

Free entry is provided for themselves and their one companion

The entry of the specific persons will be made only through gate 8».

Source: Sport Fm

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