Poget: “We felt like we were playing at home”


THE Hellas made 2/2 in the 2nd group of the Euro 2024 qualifiers defeating Irelandby Gustavo Poget to be satisfied with the result and also the atmosphere in the OPAP Arena.

What he said in detail:

On the win and his thoughts: “It was a great match, it was an incredible effort. We had a difficult match. We felt like we were playing at home. There were times when we needed them and they were there. We thank them and you won’t believe how much the players care about being here.”

About Greece making more finals than it had in the past: “We tried to play like that and keep our position. Baldock played almost the entire match on the ankle. I expected one more goal to be more relaxed. There were some dangerous moments during the match. The intervention of Vlachodimos at the end. We did the basics I wanted and we go to the next game. We need to rest and recover.”

From now on: “There has to be a balance, modern coaches talk about attacking but you have to defend at the same time. We have to become more cynical and not have to go all the way and the coach sweats the jersey like the players.”

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Source: Sport Fm

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