Athanasiou: “Djurisic and Bernard give Panathinaikos two quality options in position 10”


The acquisition of Philip Djuric by Panathinaikos offers to Ivan Jovanovic two very high-quality solutions for the position of … play maker, as commented through him News Bulletin 247 Nikos Athanasiou.

Djurisic arrived last night at the hotel where the Panathinaikos team has been staying. He has been doing his first training for a while now, Jovanovic introduced him to his teammates, and followed the established… bill. He will cover the 10 spot alongside Bernard, with Jovanovic now having two very quality options there“, he said among other things.

At the same time, the station’s reporter emphasized that Jovanovic will use all available “clover” players and internationalsexcept for Djurisic, in today’s friendly against Rogaska.

Athanasiou noted that Jovanovic’s central mentality will not change this year either, but he wants Panathinaikos to be quicker with the ball at his feet and more pressingsometimes playing 4-2-3-1.

When asked about the transfers of the “greens”, he pointed out that Papadimitriou is to go to Austria today and that there is a delay, so the existing gaps must be filled as quickly as possible, in view of Dnipro.

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Source: Sport Fm

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