At the level of the current month (June), i.e. to 1.5 minutes per kilowatt hour, they were set from the Ministry of Environment and Energy the subsidies on electricity bills for July. It is reminded that PPC also kept the July tariff at the same levels, while the majority of suppliers made small fluctuations compared to June.

In detail him July, subsidies for electricity in household tariffs and for all main and non-main residence services, without income criteria and regardless of the provider, are formulated as follows:

  • For monthly consumptions up to 500 kWh, the subsidy will be 15 Euro/MWh. This category includes 90% of households in Greece.
  • Those with a monthly consumption of more than 500 kWh will receive the same support, provided that they reduce by 15% the average daily energy consumption compared to the corresponding last year.
  • In households included in the Social Household Tariff (COT) the aid amounts to 50 Euro/MWh and absorbs the entire increased cost.
  • Furthermore, for farmers the aid amounts to 15 Euro/MWh.

THE value of electricity reinforcement for households and farmers in July is formed in 24 million euros.