Marinaki’s letter to Economou regarding the rigging: “Immediately those involved will be brought to justice”!


Letter to the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yannis Economousent by Vangelis Marinakis in the capacity of the president of the Super League. With his letter, Mr. Marinakis asks for justice to act quickly and immediately on the match-fixing case, so that “that football is not poisoned and that the culprits be brought to justice“, as he emphasizes.

In another point of the letter, he states:We ask you to take care of this all relevant material resulting from the investigations to be forwarded directly to the disciplinary bodies of football as in addition to its criminal aspect, this case can also have important disciplinary dimensions».

And he emphasizes: “It is clear that the above constitutes one more a huge blow for Greek footballwhose prestige is already shattered with the absolute responsibility of those who pretend to manage the Hellenic Football Federation and which have brought it into complete disrepute».

Vangelis Marinakis’ letter in detail:

In recent days, reports have intensified regarding an extensive police investigation concerning a corruption and illegal betting ring with international dimensions in which persons related to football-related companies in Greece (either as Officials, as shareholders, or as de facto owners).

All these information and leaks to the press, with generalized and completely vague content, are interspersed with “news” and “information” about named complaints regarding Superleague 1 agents (either from teams in the division, or who switched from Superleague 2). or Superleague 2 agents, engaging in illegal betting, “imminent” or “ongoing” legal investigations, etc.

It is clear that the above is another huge blow to Greek football, whose prestige is already in tatters with the absolute responsibility of those who pretend to run the Hellenic Football Federation and who have brought it into complete disrepute.

All the member teams of Super League 1 and I personally as the President of the Cooperative believe that we cannot go into a season in a climate of generalized suspicion and rot. Greek football cannot continue to be poisoned by illegal practices: whether these concern the activity of “agents” or malicious elements, or concern common slanderers and extortionists who have made corruption a means of personal survival.

It should also not be overlooked that professional football, in addition to its social value, also has a serious economic dimension: the PAEs of Superleague 1 and Superleague 2 (at least those of them are real joint-stock companies…) are companies with a significant turnover that they employ hundreds of employees and contribute very large sums to the economic life of the country either directly or indirectly. The complete discrediting of professional football by the activity of all those who engage in illegal activities on its backs has very wide and multi-layered ramifications and spreads across all categories.

For our part, we believe that it is important that this whole process be done with seriousness and responsibility and with the transparency that judicial investigations allow, in order to immediately clarify the case in all its aspects. There is already information in the press about the arrests of specific persons from the Superleague 2 area who are involved in illegal activities, about money that has been found as a result of these activities, etc. It is imperative that the case proceeds quickly and without restrictions.

For all these reasons, Super League 1 asks the Government, you personally as the Senior Minister responsible for sports, but also the competent authorities, such as EPATHLA, the State’s audit authorities and the judicial authorities, to reach the investigation in depth immediately and quickly so that those involved are brought to justice and apologize for their actions.

At the same time, we ask you to ensure that all relevant material resulting from the investigations is forwarded directly to the disciplinary bodies of football as, in addition to its criminal aspect, this case may also have important disciplinary dimensions. It goes without saying that the football disciplinary authorities should also be involved in order to ascertain which responsibilities exist and to impose the appropriate sanctions.

From our side, we will be your supporters in the effort to assign the responsibilities and punish the culprits who contaminate the most popular sport in the country. We repeat that the full investigation and clarification of this case in all its aspects is a major issue concerning the integrity of the events and the protection of the interests and prestige of both professional football and the Greek State as a whole and there must be a clarification immediately.

Yours sincerely,

The President of Super League 1

Evangelos Marinakis

Source: Sport Fm

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