Dele Alli’s shocking confession: “I was abused by my mother’s partner”


Dele Alli opened his… heart in an interview he gave to Gary Neville. The Everton ace spoke about all the shocking things he experienced at a younger age, and spoke about the moment he felt his career was starting to take off and the countless difficulties he faced.

He explained how he entered a “state-of-the-art rehab center” dealing with “mental health, addiction and trauma” after his failed stint in Turkey with Besiktas and admitted he felt he was in a vicious circle at the time and was actively involved in things that they did him more harm than good off the field.

During his much-discussed appearance on “The Overlap” with Gary Neville, revealed that he recently spent time in rehab for an addiction to sleeping pills. “When I was six years old, I was abused by my mother’s boyfriend… because my mother was an alcoholic“, he said, initially. Dele Alli became very emotional and began wiping away tears as he spoke about his injury.

“And then they sent me to Africa to learn discipline and then they sent me back. At seven I started smoking and then at eight I started selling drugs. I was in a bad place and I remember looking in the mirror thinking, it sounds dramatic, but I was literally looking in the mirror asking myself: can I retire now at 24 doing what I love?

I turned to all the wrong things, I don’t blame Mourinho, I don’t blame anyone, my reaction wasn’t right, but it wasn’t something I had control over. It was the reality of my life when I was younger, trauma that I had and it all came out and I’m grateful that it happened at that time.”
he said.

Of course, the former Tottenham player did not retire but decided to leave Spurs in January 2022 to join Everton.

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Source: Sport Fm

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