AEK is hotter than… heat, “five” in Shakhtar with super Levia and Zini!


She was excellent throughout the game, she had Levi Garcia in high spirits and pressed her Shakhtar AEK (5-0)!

Matias Almeida’s team “caught” last year’s performance and by bringing to the field all the elements required by the Argentinian coach, they turned their task against the Ukrainian champion, who has secured a place in the Champions groups, into a very easy one League!

In excellent condition the striker from Trinidad and Tobago who scored hat trick, with all the players of the “yellow and black” showing great spirit and no one lagging behind on the pitch. Another impressive performance from him Zini, who entered the game and “shined”, scoring billion.

The Greek doubles were down to ten players from the 18th minute, with the match referee exhausting his rigor and showing two yellow cards to Amrabad in the same phase, initially for a foul and then for a protest. Something that also happened for Shakhtar in the 28th minute, with Udot to be expelled – already having a yellow card – for a hard foul on Levia.

In the coach’s mind:

Matias Almeida lined up AEK with the familiar 4-4-2, with Athanasiadis in goal, Rota, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi in defense, Jonsson, Simanski in the axis and Ambrabat, Eliasson in the wings and Zuber just behind the promoted Levia.

The match

AEK entered the game better and threatened in the 5th minute, with Cumber to release nicely outside the area and shoot, with Tvardovski blocking.

Seven minutes later, however, Almeida’s team managed to take the lead. In the 12th minute of the match, Vida stole the ball in the midfield area and made a move from the left to take the ball from Amrabad, and the moment he took possession of it he “smashed” it to Levi, who made it 1-0 with a nice move on the move.

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At 18′, o Ambrabat kicked out, seeing a card for a… simple foul and then for protest, with the referee of the match exhausting his strictness, since it is a friendly game. In fact, there was no agreement for someone else to take his place, as happens in such cases, with AEK staying with ten players.

At 24′, o Hadjisafi he made a nice move into the Ukrainians’ area and took a cross, with Tvardovski telling him no. In the 28th minute, numerical balance was reached again, with Udot to make a hard foul with both feet on Levia and be sent off with a second yellow card.

Two minutes later, the “yellow and black” had another important chance to score, but the Shakhtar keeper saved the powerful shot of Zuber. In the 39th minute, Zuber made a nice effort and turn, with him Rota to get in the path of the ball and shoot, but it should go against the bodies.

In the next phase, AEK reached 2-0! After filling Athanasiadis, o Garcia he went all alone on the counter attack from the right and pressing into the area, he beautifully avoided two Shakhtar defenders and with a great finish, he scored his second goal of the game.

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In the 45th minute, the ball arrived in an adventurous way to chumber, who took the spot-kick from close range, with the ball going just over the crossbar. Thus, the two teams went to the break, with AEK “catching” an excellent performance and being in front of the score with 2-0.

The “Union” entered the second part just like in the first, having the will to press high and find spaces, in order to threaten the opposing goal. In the 49th minute, Johnson he stole the ball in the midfield area and carrying it into the area, came out in a four-on-four position, with Tvardovski clearing for a corner. A minute later, Mr Cumber he made the diagonal shot from close range, with the ball going wide.

In the 65th minute, the “yellow and black” scored a third goal. After a free for Shakhtar, Jonsson and Garcia immediately entered the area to press, with Levi to be the receiver of the ball, placing his body exceptionally, and with a beautiful bite of the ball he made it 3-0!

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From that point on, it was his turn Zini to take action. In the 82nd minute, after Machira’s cross, the Angolan made a wonderful move to the second post and made it 4-0 with a header!

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Four minutes later, AEK scored another goal! Sidibe made the tackle, Van Weert headed in and o Zini with a great shot on the move he scored 5-0, which was also the final score!

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The composition of AEK:

Athanasiadis, Mukudi (75′ Mitoglou), Rota (75′ Sidibe), Vida (75′ Roxon), Hadjisafi (75′ Mohammadi), Shimanski (75′ Galanopoulos), Jonson (75′ Lamarana), Amrabad, Eliasson (75′ Macheiras), Zuber (75′ Zini), Garcia (75′ Van Weert).

Source: Sport Fm

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