AEK did the double with Shakhtar!


What if he was again left with ten players from very early on due to Galanopoulos being sent off? AEK continued with a goal from “five” against Shakhtar in the first match and was the winner of the second as well, prevailing 2-0!

Matias Almeida’s second team had a very good performance and with a beautiful goal Knife and one more of his radon, he made 2/2 against the Ukrainians. In all phases o Kosidis, who even scored twice, but was in an offside position.

Now, the “Union” says goodbye to the Netherlands in the best way and returns to Athens to continue its preparation. Next friendly against Volos, on July 23 in the city of Magnesia.

The match

“Union” entered the game better, but were again left with ten players, with Galanopoulos sent off for elbowing an opponent. The Almeida players did not hesitate and in the 16th minute they missed a good chance to open the scoring. Mohammadi made a nice run and cross from the left for him Kosidis, whose shot went just wide of the post.

In the 24th minute, it was Shakhtar’s chance to threaten. THE Bezclini he entered the area and took the shot, with Stankovic clearing for a corner. Ten minutes later, however, the “yellow and black” were the ones who managed to open the scoring. After a nice cooperation from the AEK players outside the area, Mohammadi laid the ball to Knife, who made it 1-0 with a deflected shot!

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At 45+’4′, o Kosidis he scored from close range but the goal was disallowed as it started from an offside position. Thus, 1-0 was also the score with which the two teams went to the break.

In the second half, the doubles continued to be aggressive, with their first chance coming in the 45th minute. THE Kosidis made a nice move and shot, with the ball ending up in the horizontal beam of the home of Shakhtar. In the 47th minute, the Greek striker scored again, with a close header after a free kick, but it was again in an offside position.

The tempo dropped noticeably, but that didn’t stop AEK from scoring a second goal. In 59′, Kosidis was in a good position and took the shot, the ball stopped on the post, but the Rants with a close shot, he made it 2-0!

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In the last minutes there was nothing remarkable, with Matias Almeida’s team getting a second victory, this time with 2-0.

The composition of AEK:

Stankovic, Sidibe, Roxon, Mitoglou, Galanopoulos, Lamarana, Zini (30′ Pelios), Macheiras, Kosidis, Van Weert (36′ Radonia).

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