EPO on the illegal betting ring: “We will act when we are officially informed”


Her first official one place for the major issue that has arisen with the illegal betting ring did the EPO.

The football federation issued announcement in which he states that he is waiting update by the competent Authorities to proceed to actions of its competence.

Specifically states:

“Regarding the ongoing criminal investigation for illegal betting, as it appears from relevant publications, we consider it appropriate to recall the following.

1. Within the EPO there is an independent Ethics Committee, made up exclusively of ordinary judges, which is the only one with disciplinary (and certainly not criminal) jurisdiction over cases of football integrity.

2. Whenever the UEFA receives from UEFA and its betting fraud detection companies such as Sportradar AG, betting analysis reports of suspicious matches, it sends them immediately, in accordance with the law and its regulations, to the UEFA Ethics Committee , the Sports Prosecutor of Athens, the Deputy Minister of Sports, the National Platform for Sports Integrity (E.P.ATHLA.) and the Education Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

3. Furthermore, EPO annually conducts fifty information-prevention seminars on the phenomenon of match manipulation and e-learning tests for teams and PAE infrastructure departments, referees, members of EPO jurisdictional bodies, national teams, while in addition it has put into operation an electronic platform for submitting confidential reports to the standards of FIFA and UEFA counterparts. For all the above and more generally for the purpose of defending the integrity, the EPO spends an amount of 150,000 euros per year.

In this case and given the mandatory secrecy of the investigative acts that are allegedly still in progress, the EPO is obliged by law to wait for official information from the competent investigative authorities, when this becomes possible, in order to carry out its actions its competence.

Regardless of this, EPO, the official governing body of football in Greece, declares its willingness to help and assist the ongoing criminal process at any time and in any way possible, so that phenomena and activities that are directed against the integrity of football, such as match manipulation and illegal betting to be completely eliminated.

We consider it obvious that Super League 1 and Super League 2 will cooperate with the EPO so that the stinking phenomenon of match-fixing is fully clarified, especially after the recent complaint about the participation of Super League 1 teams in this criminally hellish process.”

Source: Sport Fm

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