The extraordinary support for urban and intercity bus services as well as individual carriers of barren lines announced by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras reaches 18.3 million euros.

As the minister underlined during the 29th annual conference of the city bus companies that took place in Lamia, the process is in the final stage and with this money the needs that arose due to the increased price of fuel in the previous year will be covered.

Mr. Staikouras clarified that “based on the institutional framework of state aid, the Ministry sent in a timely manner – to the competent bodies of the European Commission – documented answers to all the questions concerning the granting of the emergency aid” to add: “As a result , the final approval act is expected next week, so that the disbursement process to the beneficiaries of the aid can then start – immediately. The granting of this extraordinary aid constitutes a practical support of the State to the critical for transport and the national economy productive sector of transport, which last year was called upon to deal with increased fuel costs of up to 65%, as a consequence of the crisis in Ukraine”.

It is characteristic that the representatives of urban bus companies from all over the country referred to a series of issues that concern them and which have financial implications for urban bus companies, while they argued that it is the first time that a minister has participated in such a direct dialogue with them.

Speaking during the work at the 29th urban transport conference which took place in the amphitheater of the DEYA bioclimatic building in Lamia, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport who is also responsible for transport, Christina Alexopoulou, said: “We know well that the smooth operation of the urban transport is very important for local communities and that is why we are constantly supporting your work. We prove this in practice with our policy, which includes the upcoming payment of 18.3 million euros of extraordinary financial support to urban and interurban KTEL and KTEL S.A., as well as to individual carriers or companies serving barren island lines. As the responsible Deputy Minister for Transport, I assure that the political leadership of the Ministry as a whole, we are at your disposal to shape the best possible conditions for the sector, for the benefit of the citizens, whom we all serve.”

Earlier, Mr. Staikouras, accompanied by Mrs. Alexopoulou and the Secretary General of Transport Yiannis Xifaras had a meeting with the representatives of Urban and Interurban Transportation in order to record the problems and weaknesses of the sector. The meeting with the political leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport was attended by the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Urban Transports (P.O.A.S.) and the president of the Urban KTEL of Larisa, Michalis Sakellariou, the member of the Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Motorists of Interurban Transports ( P.O.A.Y.S.) and president of the Makedonia Station in Thessaloniki, Ioannis Lambrou, the member of the Board of P.O.A.Y.S. and president of Interurban KTEL Volos Dimitris, Kolyndrinis, the general secretary of P.O.A.S. and president of the Municipal Bus Service of Katerinis, Aristidis Ofidis and Nikos Goulas, treasurer on the Board of Directors of POAS. and president of the Urban KTEL of Lamia.