Van Weert: “I had to get used to Greece, there are big differences with Holland”


Statements about his life in Greece were given to the Dutch media by Tom Van Weert. The AEK striker explained that life in the country is very different compared to the Netherlands, while also revealing a history, with a… Greek problem that arose with a technician.

“The differences between the Netherlands and Greece are big. You have to adapt quickly, because sometimes you are surprised by how things are arranged here. In Holland I was used to training in a training center after breakfast. Once in Greece I went down to eat and no one was there. It turned out that they only eat breakfast after training,” he added and pointed out: “Then I thought, I can’t train like this. Life starts later here, so Greeks eat breakfast later. That’s the culture, but I don’t want to workout on an empty stomach, so I quickly tried to eat a banana and some Greek yogurt.

Our training complex and home are in the suburbs. Very often I don’t go to the center, because I don’t like to squeeze it by car. I liked it from what I’ve seen some places. There are very different neighborhoods in Athens. Modern neighborhoods, places with old buildings, hippie neighborhoods. Personally, I would suggest the Plaka district. It is located on the hill towards the Acropolis and has beautiful narrow streets with delicious restaurants. A beautiful part of Athens.

If you’ve arranged to meet at 8.30, don’t be upset if no one is there at nine. Things are a little quieter. In the Netherlands, half past eight is exactly half past eight. Recently, a technician had to fix something in my apartment. He should have been there between half past two and three. At four o’clock I called to ask where he was and he said he couldn’t. He would come tomorrow. I’ve been through it a hundred times. You have to discover things on your own to continue. This takes some getting used to, but I can manage it.

You can get angry, but it’s so embedded in the culture that you’re not going to change it anyway.

From November I will have my own house. I haven’t seen the beautiful beaches of the area yet, because my hotel wasn’t close and then the season ended. Not far outside Athens they have a long coastline, where you can choose a new beach every day.” were his words Van Weert.

Source: Sport Fm

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