Overturning data in the Mendi case: He was found not guilty of rape!


The latest news about him is positive Benjamin Mendy, who a short time ago was acquitted by the court at Chester, both for rape as well as for attempt.

The French defender had been accused of rape 24 years old girl in a mansion in Cheshire in October 2020, but also for trying to do something similar in a 29 years old at his home a few months later. Mendy had categorically denied all the accusations, saying that all the acts were consensual, while a few months ago he had acquitted and for sexual offenses against several women.

In fact, during the trial, the former Manchester City player, who has been released by the “citizens”, explained to the prosecutor what happened, saying, among other things, that he would not ever forced some women to have sex with him.

Now, this decision paves the way for him to return to active duty after almost two years, after Manchester City v Tottenham in August 2021.

Source: Sport Fm

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