AEK played a friendly against… the Greek Trabzonspor on July 30!


A very strong one Final rehearsal in view of the start of the new season and the matches for the Champions League qualifiers, the AEK!

Specifically, the “Union” will face it Trabzonspor of Tasos Bakaseta, Manolis Siopis and Dimitris Kourbelis, in a friendly match that will be held in Turkey on July 30 (20:00).

In fact, the specific game will take place at the Turkish team’s stadium, at “Akyaz? stadium” of Trebizond.

Tsakiris: “AEK has always liked Alexandropoulos – Who stood out in the preparation”

In the matter that has arisen with him Sotiris Alexandropoulos and the possibility of its acquisition by AEK referred, among others, to News Bulletin 247 The George Tsakiris.

Talking to him Christos Robolisnoted that the Greek midfielder liked in “Union” from the time he was competing in Panathinaikos and confirmed that by the player it depends whether the transfer effort will proceed.

Elsewhere, he was asked about the players who They stood out in the Netherlands and initially stood at Galanopoulos (who after some time worked with the team in the summer).

And after naming them… old young who were on the roster since last year, but were preparing for the first time with Almeida, underlined the excellent impressions left by the Zini, Roxon, Lamarana.

Source: Sport Fm

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