Olympiacos: The “window” for Vukcevic and the search for… a regional!


This summer was different from previous ones for him Olympic. Especially in the last three years, the “red and white” had their main Greek body and proceeded to add mainly foreigners to their roster, carrying out their planning more quietly.

However, for a few weeks now the doubles of Greece they lost two of their mainstays. Him Sasha Vezenkovwho with her… award of MVP Euroleaguemade the big move to the NBA, moving to the Sacramento Kings. The second mainstay to depart was their top creator, Kostas Sloukaswho left her in the cold of the bath Fenerbahce (who was waiting for him with the contracts in his… hand) and finally “crossed the Rubicon”, signing to the “eternal” rival Panathinaikos.

With reference to their reinforcement so far, the “red and white” first announced the Nikola Milutinovwho returned after three years to CSKA Moscow and subsequently they also formalized his return Nigel Williams-Gossafter his NBA and European tour.

In the fresh… rolls of Olympiakos are two forwards. In particular, the experienced o Luke Sikmawho left her after years Alba Berlin and in recent years it was the… investment move with the 21-year-old George Tanoulisby Prometheus of Patras.

Now, o George Bartzokas is called upon to put the final… touch to complete the Piraeus roster, ahead of the new year. A player that Olympiacos likes a lot, was once in their “guts”, but has great prospects for the future is Tristan Vukcevic.

However, for now the case of the 20-year-old son of the former “red and white”, Dusan Vukcevic, it is not simple. And that’s because the young forward/center (height 2.13m) wants his time. On the one hand, because he has a contract with her They were partisans and on the other hand because this summer he was selected at number “42” in the draft by the Wizards and naturally he is quite excited by the prospect of playing in the NBA. However, nothing is guaranteed for now for Vukcevic and much will become clear later or shortly before the start of the season.

From here on, in order to close the Olympiakos roster for good, it is necessary yet another peripheral. A player who will be able to provide solutions at the same time in “2” and “3”. In this position, logically, the most… paper will go, since Vezenkov’s departure brought direct (s.s. NBAout) and indirect money to the “red and white” coffers, just like that of Sluka. A few weeks ago, Mr Nikos Zervas has mentioned in his “air”. News Bulletin 247 his name Svi Mykhailiuk.

Since 2018, the Ukrainian guard/forward has been playing in the NBA. His last stop was the Charlotte Hornetsbut various sources report that the 26-year-old looks pretty hot the return to Europe. However, as is usually the case with players who compete on the other side of the Atlantic, a lot of patience is required, as at any moment they can be called up by a team from the best league in the world.

Finally, Olympiacos can fill this position as well with a player belonging to a Euroleague team. Of course, an important note is the fact that at the moment the pool of free agents at the top European level is almost empty. So, if this solution is qualified for the “red and whites”, then they will have to knock on… doors too to negotiate the relevant buyout, with the groups of candidate targets. Then, with the appropriate price automatically the solutions will be much more and of course there are players very high level that at the moment their contract also provides for Euroleague out…

Source: Sport Fm

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