Oops! Your beloved Greek family is heading home. Nia Vardalos (wrote and directed this time) and the entire cast return for the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” only in theaters on September 8th!“, she wrote in her post Rita Wilsonsimultaneously publishing the film’s poster.

The poster, which was released against the backdrop of the blue sea of ​​Corfu, where most of the filming took place, shows the lead couple and some of the family’s loved ones.

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According to the film’s official synopsis, “the Orange family travels to Greece for an emotional and hilarious journey full of love and twists.”

Starring, among others, Elena Kambouri, Maria Vakratsi, Andrea Martin, Joey Fatone, while new faces were added, such as Elias Kakavas and Melina Kotselou.

The first movie “Wedding ala Hellenic” with a budget of just $5 million, released in 2002, was a record grosser and earned Nia Vardalos an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.